Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering

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Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering

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240 ECTS, 4 years

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Polytechnic School

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Catalan, Spanish and English

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Esther Bartolí Soler

The degree in figures
The degree in figures
The degree in figures
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Presentation of the Degree

The degree in Chemical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida (Campus Igualada-UdL) aims to train professionals from the world of chemical engineering with a very practical side, in a wide range of industrial activities.

The word engineering comes from wit, which is "the faculty that man has to think, invent quickly and easily." Thus, the main function of an engineer is to give viable solutions to the problems that arise from the different fields related to the practical sciences. On the other hand, chemistry comes from alchemy and one could say that it is the science that studies the composition, structure and ownership of the different substances and their transformations. Therefore, chemical engineering is the art of carrying out a chemical transformation of substances on an industrial scale.

Chemical engineering is a basically applied area of ​​knowledge that deals with industrial chemical processes from its conception to its correct operation. Graduate in chemical engineering work in a wide range of industrial activities, applying their knowledge of science and technology to solve the different problems efficiently, safely and economically in pharmaceutical, construction, paper, petrochemical, electronic and microelectronic industries, of polymers, biotechnology, environment, etc.

In addition, with profession you can act positively in all industrial and economic processes for the preservation of ecology and the environment.

Why do you have to study this degree at EPS?

The degree in Chemical Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida (Campus Igualada-UdL) aims to train professionals in the world of chemical engineering with a very practical side and in a wide range of industrial activities.

This degree provides the necessary training for the transformation of raw materials into industrial products, for the analysis and elaboration of organic and inorganic products, and for the quality control of these processes.

Students in this degree receive a solid theoretical training that is complemented by the work applied in the laboratories of the school.

With this degree, the technical knowledge and skills necessary to practice the profession of chemical engineer will be acquired.

Graduating students will have an ideal training profile to be able to develop their professional career in tasks: management, business organization and direction in areas of work such as the chemical industry, chemical analysis laboratories, testing and control quality, sales and marketing departments, consulting and advisory companies, public administration or the university.

Also if they decide to continue their university training, it will be possible to access master's studies. You can enjoy direct access to the Master in Leather Engineering, which also teaches EPS on the Igualada campus, and to the Master in Industrial Engineering, which is taught in Lleida without additional training.

The Master in Leather Engineering, unique in Europe, aims for its students to acquire advanced multidisciplinary training as well as the necessary skills, aimed at training professionals who contribute to the competitiveness, sustainability and innovation of activities related to the tanneries and ancillary industries worldwide: Tanning industry, main specialized divisions of the chemical sector, eco innovation and sustainability of processes, quality management of manufactured product in the main markets of the leather (automotive, aeronautical, footwear ).

Come to the Escola Politècnica Superior to study a current, professional and essential degree to meet the challenges of 21st century society. In addition, the studies have a very high labor demand:

  • Because the University of Lleida has extensive teaching experience in this teaching offer. In the 2020-21 academic year, EPS is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
  • Because to facilitate the internationalization of teaching and work of our students, 25% of the teaching of the Degree in Chemical Engineering is offered in English.
  • Because EPS enjoys a high level of internationalization. Students in the Degree in Chemical Engineering can enjoy a wide range of international mobility and a double international degree.
  • Because it takes place on the Igualada-UdL Campus, in a privileged environment and modern facilities (inaugurated in 2014).

To implement the Degree in Chemical Engineering, which is organized in person, the Polytechnic School offers:

  • Validations of Higher Degree Training Cycles (CFGS) to the Degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Small groups that facilitate the exchange with the teachers and a more careful follow-up of the work done by the student.
  • Continued avaluation.
  • Block curricular qualification of the subjects corresponding to the same academic year
  • Individualized tutorials. At EPS, each student has an assigned tutor to whom they can address any questions related to their studies. Within the Néstor tutoring program, student care mechanisms are established.
  • Incorporation of active methodologies
  • Supervised internships in compulsory companies that allow graduates to find employment (60 annual internship offers). The possibility of carrying out these internships internationally.
  • Final Degree Project with tutoring and continuous evaluation. The possibility of carrying out the TFG within the framework of the company.

Which Industrial Engineering degree can I choose?

The industrial engineering programmes at the Polytechnic School are designed in order to offer flexibility to students to decide which of the 5 degrees in the industial field they want to enrole:

  • Mechanical Engineering (Campus Lleida)
  • Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering
  • Energy Engineering and Sustainability
  • Chemical engineering
  • Engineering in Industrial Organization and Logistics.

Students willing to enroll in any of these programmes, need to pre-register for a single common entrance for each of the campuses. Thus, the student can choose which of the two campuses he will attend  during the first two years, and can change his campus during the 3rd and 4th year, if he wishes (depending on the degree he wants to study). University pre-registration tickets are:

  • On the Lleida campus: "Energy and Sustainability Engineering / Engineering in Industrial and Automatic Electronics / Mechanical Engineering (Agrupación) (Lleida)"
  • On the Igualada campus: "Chemical Engineering / Engineering in Industrial Organization and Logistics (Grouping) (Igualada)"

Hence, the common core of industrial engineering gives students more time to decide which degree they want to pursue. This decision is postponed until the 3rd year, when the student is well acquainted with the different branches of the industrial field.

Professional attributions

Order CIN/351/2009 establishes which bachelor degrees  qualify for the profession of Industrial Technical Engineer. At the Polytechnic School, the degrees offered with these professional attributions are:

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Degree in Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering.
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Furthermore, the Polytechnic School also offers two other degrees in the field of industrial engineering:

  • Degree in Industrial Organization and Logistics Engineering.
  • Degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering.

These degrees offer specialized training in two branches of industrial engineering, and also give direct access to the Master in Industrial Engineering, which allows you to achieve the professional qualifications of Industrial Engineer.

Job opportunities

Graduates in Chemical Engineering from the Escola Politècnica Superior, according to data from the latest survey published on job placement in Catalonia by the AQU, Labor Report 2023 for graduates get a LABOR INSERTION of 95%.

With this degree you will be able to acquire the technical knowledge and skills needed to practice the profession of Chemical Engineer, which will provide you with the skills needed to be able to adapt to a world of work with many professional, dynamic and changing:

  • To have the ability to promote continuous improvement and innovation of products and services.
  • To increase the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial and service activities.
  • To be the protagonists in sustainable economic development.
  • To be essential actors for companies: every day a greater number of engineers are needed.
  • To stand as leaders in ideas, projects and companies and drivers of innovation.
  • To be present in all relevant areas and sectors.
  • To be socially recognized as dynamizers of progress.

Double degree International

The Double Degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering with the Brazilian University of Facens was born with the aim of enabling students from both universities to obtain a second degree at a foreign university that enables them to face their success with greater guarantees of success. future job challenges, as well as learning a new language such as Portuguese.

Given that the double degree is carried out through the mobility processes offered by the UdL, it is not until the 3rd year of the Degree in Chemical Engineering that students can access this double degree, which offers the opportunity to study for one year. academic (10 months or 2 semesters) at the other university and receive, with the same duration as the UdL Degree, also the degree from the other institution. In addition, for Brazilian students, it means the possibility of accessing Master’s studies in Industrial Engineering.

The Facens School of Engineering is located in the city of Sorocaba. The city, founded in 1654, is located 90 km from São Paulo and has 670,000 inhabitants. FACENS is the first higher education institution in the sector founded in Sorocaba and which won the Higher Award in the institutional concept of the Ministry of Education in 2018, among other awards from other institutions. It has recently become a full-fledged university offering not only engineering studies but others. FACENS is an entrepreneurial institution with many and diverse laboratories and innovation centers (Smart Campus, LIGA Facens, Ipeas, FabLab ...) aimed at the professional sector and development, but also open to all students who want to participate. We must also highlight the sustainable development objectives involved in all its projects.

Discover the degree in 3 minutes

Double degree ADE-Industrial

The University of Lleida, in collaboration with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, offers students the degrees of industrial engineering of the Campus Igualada-UdL (Chemical Engineering / Engineering in Industrial Organization and Logistics) the possibility of taking a double degree ADE- Industrial.

ADE Industrial is aimed at industrial engineers who want to have a complementary training in business administration and management and achieve a versatile, technical and management profile, highly valued in the professional field.

The student must take 234 ECTS for the Degree in Chemical Engineering (UdL) and 168 online ECTS for the Degree in Business Administration and Management (UOC), for a total of 402 ECTS.

You can consult all the information regarding the double degree ADE-Industrial in this link